Online services

Patient Services

New users are required to register for online services. This system enables you to see a copy of the current repeat medication that has been authorised for you by the doctor and for which you have not yet used the quota of issues before the doctor needs to review your medication.

To register for online services for prescription ordering please come into the practice with photo ID and fill out a quick registration form.

Once you have brought photo ID into the practice a letter will be generated. Once you’ve got your letter, simply follow this link to register:

Remember that there is no need to register more than once, registering online will include access to online appointments.

Patients are advised that in order to activate and access your Repeat Prescriptions online, photographic proof of identification will need to be presented in person at your GP Practice.

Should you experience any problems please follow this link to access the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions – For Patients.

Date published: 20th February, 2023
Date last updated: 20th February, 2023