Your GP surgery remains open

Rochdale and Bury Local Medical Committee logoDear Patient

On the 14th September 2020 the Government made a statement around face to face consultations at your GP Surgery. The communication has led to a misunderstanding, in implying that GP Practices have not been offering face to face appointments.

Throughout the pandemic GP Surgeries have remained open.  The way in which consultations have been undertaken has changed, to protect the GP staff and other patients who need to attend the Surgery. GP Surgeries have adopted telephone, e-consultations and video consultations to provide remote consultations.  Where necessary, if technology has not provided a resolution GP Surgeries have invited patients to the Practice to further assess their condition in a COVID safe environment.

To provide clarity on the current situation with regard to accessing your GP:-

  1. Patients should not be attending the GP Surgery without an invitation from the Surgery.
  2. You should phone the Surgery for advice or an appointment to discuss your issue with a member of the Practice team.
  3. Where necessary following a remote consultation, your GP will invite you to the Surgery at an allocated time to further assess your presentation face to face.
  4. If you struggle with technology then phone your surgery to discuss how your needs will be met by your GP Surgery.

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise and GP Practices deliver this year’s Flu Vaccinations the demand on GP surgeries are increasing.  We want to keep all patients safe and as far as possible manage your problems remotely.  GP’s need to minimise the footfall in their premises to ensure that those attending for their vaccinations and to see the GP, are not put at risk by patients who attend with issues that can be managed remotely.


You should ring your GP to discuss any concerns you have and do not ignore any ailments, ring 111 or your GP to discuss your concerns.